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  • Wire And Cable

    In the electric power industry, it can improve the oxygen index and flame retardant efficiency of wires and cables to reduce the occurrence of fire accidents.

    In the construction industry, it can improve the fire-resistant performance of cables and provide safety for buildings and people.

    In rail transportation, it can improve the flame retardant and high temperature resistance performance of wire and cable to ensure the safe operation of vehicles.

  • Electronic Appliances

    Wide range of applications, including but not limited to shells, chargers, mobile power supplies and other fields to achieve flame retardant effect.

    Phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardants can improve the reliability of electronic components and circuit boards, reduce their production costs, and prolong the service life of the products, thus reducing maintenance costs.

    Due to their excellent elasticity, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and flame retardancy, phosphorus-nitrogen based materials have become widely used in the electronics industry.

  • New Energy Vehicle

    In the field of connectors for new energy vehicles, the main choice is the halogen-free flame retardant program.

    Halogen-free flame retardant in the combustion can be reduced to avoid the production of dioxin carcinogens, while the smoke toxicity, smoke density will be reduced a lot, so as to improve the chances of people in the automobile combustion escape.

  • Spinning And Weaving

    Textile flame retardants are chemicals that can effectively prevent textiles from burning in the event of a fire, preventing the fire from spreading and reducing the fire hazard, spread and damage area.

    Textile flame retardants have a wide range of uses, including upholstery, fabrics, furniture, curtains, wallpaper, carpets, fleece blankets, towels, bed linen, pillows, tableware and many other textiles. Safeguard people's lives and property in a fire.

  • Thermal Grease

    Thermally conductive paste can be found everywhere in the electronics-related industries.

    Adding flame retardant in the study of thermal paste, so that it has high durability, low cost and high performance and other characteristics.

    Wide range of uses, can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, marine, electronics, automotive, instrumentation, power supply, high-speed rail and other industry sectors.

  • Coating

    Fireproof coating is applied to the surface of buildings and structures to form a fire-resistant and heat-insulating protective layer in order to improve the fire-resistant limit of the building coating, which can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material and retard the rapid spread of fire, and is used to improve the fire-resistant limit of the coated material as a kind of special coating.