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We are In Action

We are In Action

  • I. Our continuous pursuit of sustainable innovation

    Resource Recycling: Fully utilize resources, reduce waste, derive maximum value from products, recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their useful life, and utilize products and resources in an optimal manner throughout the entire value chain, maximizing the use of raw materials.

    Green Chemical Process: Adhering to the principles of greening raw materials, greening processes and greening products, we avoid and reduce the use of toxic and hazardous substances to human health and the ecological environment in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products, and adopt innovative processes to improve atomic economy and reduce three wastes and hazardous substances.

    Green Materials Program: Based on the structural properties of materials and user needs, we develop, replace and upgrade materials, and use greener and more environmentally friendly solutions in the production, processing and use of materials, practicing the concept of chemistry for a better life.

  • II. We Produce Safely And Efficiently

    Chemical safety: Establish a mechanism for the management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, identify the potential risks to human beings and the environment in all aspects of the procurement, use, production, transportation, storage, sale and disposal of chemicals, and take effective regulatory measures to ensure that the risks of chemicals in all aspects are effectively controlled.

    Safe working conditions: Identify, assess and control risks at the work site, reduce unsafe behaviors of people and unsafe conditions of objects, and prevent injuries to people, disruptions to operations and damage to property. Includes: operational risk assessment and control, work permit management, non-production area safety, travel safety, etc.

    Employee Health Protection: Identify, evaluate and communicate occupational hazards in the workplace and develop appropriate control measures to ensure the health of employees, contractors and others. Including: occupational hazards identification and communication, occupational health hazards control, exposure monitoring, occupational health surveillance, injury and illness management, health services, etc.

  • III. We Lead The Way To a Virtuous Cycle Of Resources

    Energy saving: We insist on performance assessment and energy saving projects as the basis, and technical transformation and lean as the auxiliary means to realize the effective cycle of cost reduction and efficiency of the enterprise. By optimizing the heat exchange network from the early stage of project design, matching the utility engineering, selecting high-efficiency equipment, and monitoring and analyzing the causes of discrepancies in the operation process in a timely and effective manner, we achieve the maximization of energy utilization.

    Energy Cycle: A circular economy means decoupling economic growth from resource consumption. BASF promotes a circular economy by making the best use of the earth's finite resources by maximizing their useful life, minimizing waste generation and creating value from renewable resources.

  • IV. We Procure Responsibly

    Procurement digitization: By establishing a procurement digitization platform and applying big data and artificial intelligence technologies, we provide comprehensive support for enterprise operations and decision-making, improve the efficiency of procurement operations and the level of procurement management, and build a global procurement platform centered on customer needs.

    Recycling of raw materials: Commit to the procurement of recyclable packaging materials, increase the proportion of recyclable packaging, promote the use of environmentally friendly materials, and save the consumption of resources. Establish a raw material recycling management mechanism to enhance the reuse of raw materials. For example, the recycling of catalyst.

    Supplier Management: Together with TfS organization, we promote supplier sustainability assessment, evaluate and manage supplier's CSR performance, gradually improve supplier's sustainable development level, and reduce the sustainable risk of AICO's purchasing supply chain; with the help of digital means to realize the effective monitoring of supplier's performance, and improve the level of AICO's supplier management.

  • V. We Value And Respect Everyone

    Labor human rights: Under the premise of fairness, impartiality and openness, introduce excellent talents who agree with the company's culture, develop with the company and achieve mutual success. Continuously provide opportunities and paths for employees' ability improvement and value realization. Create competitive compensation and benefits, work and life environment and continuously improve organizational efficiency.

    Business Ethics: To establish and improve the management mechanism against fraud and unfair competition, and to commit to the continuous fight against commercial bribery and fraud, and to put an end to all corruption inside and outside the company. Through training, publicity and other effective measures, we create a favorable business ethics environment, promote the construction of business ethics inside and outside the company, and ensure that the company's operations are based on a healthy business management system.

    Information security: Management of information security risks is achieved through a standardized information security strategy system, organizational system, technical system, and operation and maintenance system.

    Harmonious community: formulate an annual community awareness program to enhance the neighboring community's knowledge and understanding of enterprise-related information and ensure the community's right to know. Actively participate in various social welfare activities, pay attention to social groups in need and improve their living standards. Concerned about the educational development of young people, through the implementation of relevant scientific enlightenment activities, to stimulate the interest and potential of young people in scientific knowledge.