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Scientific Research

Research Team
Liu Jie
Doctor of Science, Jilin University, Associate Researcher, Changchun Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He has published more than 20 papers in Applied Catalysis B, Applied Catalysis A, and Chemical Engineer Journal, with more than 400 citations. He has been authorized more than 10 Chinese invention patents, and authored a monograph entitled "Composite Material Recycling Technology" and a chapter entitled "Carbon Fiber Composite Material Lightweighting Technology".His main research interests include the development of positive combustion agents and flame retardant polymer materials, the regulation of polyolefin carbonization reaction, and the recycling of waste polymers and composite materials. As the person in charge, he has presided over a number of National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Development Program projects and enterprise lateral projects.

Cui Cunli
Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Master of Science in Organic Chemistry.

Participated in 1 national innovation project and obtained 3 invention patents. Declared 6 innovation projects in Shandong Province. Now engaged in the development and application of environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant new products, declared 2 invention patents.

  • Production process optimization

    Raw material mixing and grinding, heating, heat preservation, aging can get semi-finished products, semi-finished products drying, get granular semi-finished products.

  • Continuous improvement of technology
    Continuous improvement of technology

    The project introduces innovative and entrepreneurial high-level talents, the process technology is patented, the process of raw material consumption, power consumption, water consumption have reached the industry's advanced level, and to achieve a single set of device size and efficiency industry-leading.

  • Equipment automation
    Equipment automation

    Introduction of foreign advanced equipment, can realize partially automated production

Chemistry and materials

Chemistry and materials are core elements of the specialty chemicals industry. We translate pressing market needs into cutting-edge technologies and chemical solutions. Coordinated by our Ecko Innovation Center, we have established research and development centers in collaboration with universities and utilize an international technology and innovation network to drive innovation. Our chemical expertise stems from four technology centers: Surfactants, Engineered Polymers, Pigments and Performance Chemicals, and Interface and Formulation Technologies.

Chemistry and materials

Design of functional chemicals and novel polymer systems, development of bio-based surfactants, and applied physics and chemical crystal engineering

Development of new surface effects

Improvement of chromophores

Customization of dispersion system rheology

Control of emulsification and demulsification processes

Chemical Process

Process Technology is an enabler of efficient production processes through comprehensive and competitive process design, improvement and innovation. Our scope of work includes feasibility studies, process design, extensions, pilots, mini-factory technology and final process demonstrations, and our comprehensive tool portfolio also helps to maximize yields and reduce carbon emissions.

Chemical Process

Process Research and Development

Process improvement and innovation (contributing to People, Planet and Performance values through high-performance advanced process technologies)

Portfolio of advanced tools for simulation, plant operations and piloting

Interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach

Execution from lab level to plant level

R&D center

Weifang Advanced Flame Retardant Technology R&D Center was established in May 2022, with an existing area of more than 1,000 square meters in the laboratory, 116 pieces of instruments and equipment, and a total value of equipment assets of more than 10 million yuan. It has more than 20 pieces of instruments and equipments for flame retardant material processing, combustion performance testing, mechanical property characterization and flame retardant mechanism research. Main instruments and equipments: cone calorimeter, smoke density meter, oxygen index meter, vertical combustion tester, twin-screw extruder, injection molding machine, miniature twin-screw extruder, tensile strength and impact test machine, vulcanizing machine, double-roller mixer, energy spectrometer, heat loss-FTIR coupler, high power microscope, etc.

  • 1000㎡
    Laboratory Area
  • 116 Units
  • 10 Million Yuan
    Total Value Of Equipment Assets