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AKnoka® JZ 1608
Grades AKnoka™ PN 1608

Product Description

It is an environmentally friendly polyolefin flame retardant with phosphorus and nitrogen as flame retardant elements. Specially designed for various flame retardant polypropylene products, can also be used in other polyolefin flame retardant products, in the material shows very good dispersion, can keep part of the original characteristics of the material, and the material has excellent compatibility with the mechanical properties of the product has very little impact, will not produce moisture absorption phenomenon, the surface does not stick slippery, excellent flame retardant properties, good thermal stability, in the combustion process produces an expansion of the carbon layer to achieve thermal insulation, oxygen barrier to prevent further diffusion of surface flame, to achieve fire, flame retardant effect, and low smoke, non-toxic, non-melting droplets, is an ideal fire retardant, flame retardant effect, low smoke, no toxicity, no melting droplets, is an ideal. In the process of combustion, it produces an expanded carbon layer to achieve heat insulation, oxygen barrier, preventing the further spread of flame on the surface to achieve fire prevention, flame retardant, and low smoke, non-toxic, non-melt droplets, is an ideal and efficient non-halogenated flame retardant.

Grades AKnoka™ PN 1608
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