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AKnoka® JZ 7608
Grades AKnoka™ PN 7608

Product Description

The main component is high-performance environmentally friendly halogen-free polyester flame retardant.

The flame retardant masterbatch is a phosphorus and nitrogen system of efficient and environmentally friendly reactive flame retardant masterbatch, with high flame retardant efficiency, low additive content, good processing fluidity, high compatibility with resin, small impact on the physical properties of products and no precipitation, etc., which is the first choice of flame retardant products for polypropylene (PP) in the market at present. The masterbatch can be directly used for processing and production after mixing with polypropylene (PP) raw materials, which perfectly solves the defects of uneven mixing and dust pollution of traditional powder flame retardants. The product has high crystallinity, high strength, excellent chemical stability, heat deformation resistance, scratch resistance, and can be applied to the field of pipes and plates.

Product use:

Extrusion, injection molding, wire drawing, blown film. It can be widely used in electronic and electrical appliance industry such as rice cooker, electric kettle, hair dryer, electric oven and other products, automobile parts industry such as bellows, bumpers and other products, and packaging industry such as non-woven fabrics, films, woven bags, packing tape and other products; and IV bottles, disposable syringes and other medical equipment.

Grades AKnoka™ PN 7608
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