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AKnoka® K3
Molecular Formula Mg(OH)₂
Molecular Weight 58.32
CAS NO. 1309-42-8

Product Description

K3 is a kind of white powder of magnesium hydroxide, which is refined into ultrafine powder by adopting advanced synthesis technology and processing technology, so that it has the characteristics of good whiteness and less metal impurity ions, etc. It has the characteristics of low smoke emission and high thermal stability up to 340 ℃, and it will not produce poisonous and corrosive gases in the process of decomposition, and it can be widely used in the industries of stabilizers for plastics (hydrotalcite, magnesium stearate), chemical raw material synthesis, wires and cables, electronic and electrical appliances, adhesive, as well as food and pharmaceuticals, etc. In addition, it is also an important raw material for the production of high purity magnesium oxide, silicon-steel-grade magnesium oxide as well as all kinds of activated magnesium oxide, etc.

Packaging and Storage
Packing: 20kg/bag, can be packed according to user's requirement.
Storage: Ventilated dry place.

Safety and handling information
Refer to the MSDS for safety, toxicity and handling information.

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Molecular Formula Mg(OH)₂
Molecular Weight 58.32
CAS NO. 1309-42-8
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